Monday, 17 April 2017

Quick Heroquest update (extra image added)

Just a quick update for today, finished two more greenskins from Heroquest.

Cleaver time!

An orc (yes the cleaver was broken off, so hastily glued it together in the past) and a goblin ready to chop up some heroes in the dungeons :)

Look at that skull, he must be dangerous!

Thought I should add this chap to the entry. A goblin from Battle Masters a game I never owned but somehow a few of the goblins ended up in my collection.I used them in Heroquest instead, this one in paticular got a role as a goblin champion for a bit (thus the skull). 

Until next time.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Inspiration for an Ork Waaagh!

As you may have noticed I have been painting up some 2nd Edition Orks over the last few months, mostly Goffs so far but the Snakebite clan is next on the list. with that I thought it might be nice to dive back a few years and take a look at a particular set of images from a White Dwarf that I found really inspiring then and now.

It's Warboss Grishnak! So colourful!

This showcase is from White Dwarf 201 (It had a night goblin riding a Giant Squig on the cover) and is Adrian Wood's own 2nd Edition 40k Ork army.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Memories: My Top Ten Oldhammer Miniatures:

Having read some time ago various blogs with lists of top ten miniatures in the oldhammer community, I thought I should put forward my own and share with you all. Thus what follows is my personal favourite miniatures of all time.
When deciding on a list of ten I tired to keep to models I have a very fond memory for or have some significance to me as I have been gaming. So although I like a lot of models that have been produced over the years these are the ones that really stand out and made an impression on me. I also limited it to models I actually own. Let's get going then ....

Friday, 31 March 2017

Heroquest Mummies: Do not read from the book!

One thing I really do like about Heroquest is the variety of monsters you can find lurking in the dungeons. One of which I am happy they bothered to include at the time was the Mummy! A bandaged shambling corpse from Egyptian legend. The miniature is really good and I like the fact it has no need for weapons and will simply beat or strangle the heroes to death, which it certainly can with the dice it can roll.

The tomb robbers will be punished! 

Here are two of the mummies painted up, I have one more but it still needs some painting. I do like the shambling stance of menace they show.

Who let these sneaky Goblins slink in!

Yep got three goblins done too, the middle one had lost his base so had to glue him to another base and steal some feet from the bits box, which is why he is a little taller than the other two.

Now orcs are here, quick search the taverns for the heroes!

Three Orcs complete and based. Always like that they came with a variety of weaponry from the ball and chain to the meat cleaver! The middle orc was chopped up in the bits box when I found him so had to add some arms and a knife to bring him back up to scratch.

So another Heroquest update for you to enjoy is done.

Until next time.