Saturday, 18 April 2015

Reaper time ...

So just to let this get going and motivate me I am going to start with a miniature I have always liked. Even though I have always had a penchant for the Sci-Fi side of miniatures there is something about the old Fantasy that I love.

Now no matter if it is in the past or the future the evil-side is where I cast my affections so with that said lets take a look at an undead Wraith.

I'm no undead general (or expert painter for that matter he was done a few years ago) and although I have a fair few miniatures from the range it is more from watching Jason & The Argonauts or a Hammer Horror movie with Peter Cushing that I own this chap. Anyway he is one of my favourites looking like the Gim Reaper as he marches forward signalling the end is at hand for whom the bell tolls (A rocking Metallica track, although the Moonsorrow version is tasty too.)

Next time I hope to have something freshly painted and from the future, rather than some dusty bones offering to remove you from the mortal coil of existence.


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