Saturday, 9 July 2016

In the Underhive: A long time ago ...

In a blog far far away I said I would post regularly with interesting images and news.(Looks at timeline and notices it has been over a year since I did anything with this blog).

Well anyway in more recent times I have been painting up some Necromunda models and even got in a game session or two. Ideally these would have been 1v1 games but as is the case there was 5 of us so settled for a custom run to the top of the spire game.

Ah classic Necromunda scenery, still going strong.

The final resolution of this 5 gang warfare was a huge amount of injured Delaques, Goliaths, Scavvy Mutants, Escher and Cawdor gangers with the Escher gang known as the Echelon running off with the prize of 100 creds and a one in a million boltgun.

The highlight of the game though was a daring 4 man run across a gantry to the tower by the religious lunatics of Cawdor. Wait did I say daring? More like foolish as this path provided no cover whatsoever.

"Y'know Billy it's a long way down from h'eeeeeaaah!!"

The Goliath leader known as Method Man took advantage and using his grenade launcher hit all four of them sending two falling below, one trying to cling to life and the Juve non the wiser.

All in all a lot of fun was had in the depths of the underhive with everyone keen for more encounters. I'm hoping to get more 1v1 encounters going so the campaign can grow and shorter games can be played. I'll leave you with this gem of an photo below.

These pizza vending machines are wyrd!!

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