Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Movie Review: Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe

Yes Don't Breathe a film by the director who gave us that Evil Dead remake (which I haven't seen yet). I wasn't holding my breath when I went to watch this although the trailer seemed quite good.

The basic plot is three competent 20 something burglars decide to rob a house owned by a reclusive blind man who has 300k stashed away. Alex, Ricky and Money all have there own reasons for needing the money which sets them off on this enterprise, which then goes very wrong, very quickly.

What surprised me was that the acting is all great, the setting/plot is well contained not outstaying its welcome and the thrils, tension and fear are solid. Naturally there are added twists and turns (the most disturbing of which had one guy swear out loud in the cinema) as the film progresses but as it's only 88mins long so these seem natural and add to the suspense. The gore level is kept to a minimum but there is a constant threat so it's not missed.

This film is firmly based in reality so there is no supernatural stuff here which is honestly quite refreshing. Got to mention Stephen Lang who plays the Blind Man, he is excellent throughout the film and I will remember this great villain he has portrayed here. I admit the final third leans slightly into traditional horror tropes for anyone who has watched a slasher film before will be familiar with, but its still very entertaining.

Overall I can't recommend this enough. Don't Breathe is a concise, suspenseful thriller horror with an original idea. If you need to see a decent horror film give this one a go it is really worth your time.

4 out of 5 pumpkins.

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