Thursday, 20 October 2016

Movie Review: 20 Million Miles to Earth

Over the years I have watched my fair share of films and a lot of them are from the sci-fi and horror genres, so I thought I may as well keep a record of these on here:

20 Million Miles to Earth

I like to start an October monster/horror movie viewing session with something light not too serious and not too long, so naturally I turn to 1950s B-Movies and none could be better than a Ray Harryhausen film.

20 Million Miles to Earth is a tale of man bringing back something from space. In this case a gelatinous blob that turns into an adorable club tailed reptilian creature called Ymir. You see scientists in 1950s America somehow could fly to Venus, land, study the wildlife and then fly back. Unfortunately they must have forgotten about all the sulfuric acid and intense heat and pressure of Venus because the ship crashes on returning to earth.

The film has two main stages. The first involves the crashed spaceship, rescue of the crew and Italian and american governments trying to work together. The second involves Ymir who via a small boy is sold to a scientist and then proceeds to grow and escape. Ymir is a great monster who is immune to most weapons and smashes his way through farms, labs, zoos and the Coliseum of Rome. His fight with an Elephant being a highlight.

A fun Saturday afternoon film with some great special effects, worth a watch.

3 and a half pumpkins out of 5.

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