Sunday, 11 December 2016

Gang warfare on Necromunda:

Ah December a time when the nights are long the weather is cold and harsh and in theory you should have lots of free time ... yeah well I wish I had free time but it gets eaten up very quickly. However in November I did get the chance to have another Necromunda game against a friend.

The Delaque gang known as The Crystal Meth Farmers took on the newly formed Goliath gang the Smash Slayers first in a gang fight and then a Scavengers mission.

The Gang Fight begins as the Delaque occupy an old ruin.

The first encounter was clearly something of a surprise for the Goliaths as they were hounded from the start by laser blasts and shrapnel from the well armed Delaques.

Two Goliaths foolishly try to charge down Steve with a shotgun.

It wasn't pretty due to Delaques having a good setup and use of terrain. While the Goliaths experienced mostly pain, injuries and fatal wounds.

On a warped walkway Ugmaro calmly lights up ...

As Delaque ganger Cloud dispatches another unwary Goliath

Round 1 went to the Delaques, with Sorbus the leader very pleased his carapace armour protected him. Uneasy after being reduced to a toughness of 2 in the previous underhive battle.
In the second match Scavengers was drawn and although monsters lurked in the shadows none so much as startled a nervous Juve throughout.

This part of the Underhive was much more cramped, fighting was thicker and bloodier.

With loot up for grabs and the Delaque over confident form the earlier victory something was bound to break. Despite intense fighting, shooting and knife fights over valuable goods in the ruins the main thing to break was the carapace armour and internal organs of the Delaque leader. 

Taking a direct grenade shot from Mr T Smash the leader of the Goliaths at the start obliterated the Delaque leader and clearly demoralised the gang.

Mr T Smash surveys the destruction as the Delaques bottle out!

A final result of 1 win each ended the evenings Necromunda, some enjoyable fun was had and both gangs will be back for more. The Delaque lost there leader but acquired a Bio Booster and the Goliaths used the loot creds to recruit a new ganger after one died in the gang fight mission.

Til next time ....

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