Thursday, 2 February 2017

An anthropomorphic mole and how I learned to look everywhere for terrain guides ...

Sometimes in the bleak wintry conditions of a miserable wet February a moment of left-field greatness can pop into ones life.

As I stare into the drizzle peppering the windows from where I type I glace down at this surprising find. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me take you back a couple of months before Christmas. A time when presents needed buying and brandy fueled cake actually remained. In this time I had purchased a gift of a Sylvanian Families set. Four cute & adorable animals in people clothes who are about 4 inches in height. They arrived well in time for the big day and was a well received gift. But with this present came a catalog for more from the range. Naturally I gave this little thought and left it in the box.

Fast forward a month and knowing my girlfriend likes the range so much I passed her the catalog to have a look at. After lots of oohs, ahhs and look the fox family is on an outing to the supermarket she found something that raised an eyebrow. A build your own Sylvanian families set and terrain. (This example included a mine shaft with a mole.)

Just imagine if it had been a Rat family, Skaven in a mine!!

I felt like I had stumbled on secret terrain building tech lost to the ages. On checking through this it wasn't just a one page piece either, seven whole pages to modeling a set for the sylvanian families to live in. 

Now obviously a 4 inch tall mole is a bit bigger than your average clanrat or space marine but still these are fantastic guides to building scenery.

So I thought I would share them all here and maybe it will be of some use to someone out there.

I hope this was useful for someone, until next time where I might have generated some of this scenery or at least painted some models up to show you. 

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