Sunday, 12 February 2017

Heroquest Skeletons: Dem Bones

Got some time to get some painting done this weekend so been working on the Skeletons from Heroquest.

As a big fan of the game as a child and now with some showing interest in playing the game I thought it might be worthwhile painting up the miniatures. A lot of the orcs and goblins are done so I thought I should move on to the other most prolific monster you may find on your adventures.

The undead arrive.

As you can see these scythe wielding undead were in a various states when I got back to the them, one (the middle one) also somehow was severed from the hip bone for some reason.

A quick superglue connection and some watered down black paint and these guys soon began to take shape. Drybrush after with skull white and then paint up the wood part of the scythe followed by the blade (trying brass scorpion as a bit of an experiment here).

Looking tabletop ready now

Due to free time running out I had to finish here so the blades metal paint and the bleached bone highlights will have to wait for the time being.

You may be wondering about the one skeleton with the scythe facing the other way. Well as I was painting I was flicking about on the internet looking at Heroquest stuff and found the monster card for skeletons which looks like this.

Undead Poldark 

From an actual action point of view this makes sense as to swing a scythe you would hold it like that, From a gameplay use it's a bit clunky and wide. But hey I thought why not switch up one for some variety. A quick cut and flip and presto skeleton with scythe facing the other way.

 Beware heroes the undead are ready to harvest!

Well that's it for today, some skeletons ready for the board after a little tidy when I next get another chance with the paintbrush.

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