Monday, 27 February 2017

"Heroquest Skeletons: Rise up, you dead ...

... slain by the Heroes of the old world. Rise from your graves and avenge us. Those who steal from the dungeons of Morcar must die."
                                                           King Aeetes - Jason & the Argonauts (adapted)

What a fantastic film Jason and the Argonauts is from giant metal terror Talos, past the Clashing Rocks and on to the finale with the skeletons: The Children of the Hydra's teeth. It is why I like science-fiction/fantasy so much as watching this film and Clash of the Titans as a child really captured my imagination (or maybe it was Spinal in Killer Instinct).

Time to Harvest some Heroes.

A quick rundown of how I painted these skeletons.
First up I undercoated them in skull white. Then I used a watered down chaos black covering the entire model. Left to dry and did the same for the other four. After drying, I drybrushed the bones with skull white trying to avoid the recesses.
The scythe shaft was painted with a vermin brown first and then a slightly watered down scorched brown. Whilst the blade of the scythes were first painted with Brass Scorpion, then drybrushed/stipled with boltgun metal and then very lightly covered with some watered down chaos black.
All that remained was to pick out parts of the skeleton with bleached bone and tidy up on skeletons head that wasn't as well defined as the rest.
Basing was chaos black, followed by white glue and then flocked with Javis Moorland Mixture (bought at Pullingers or can be found online).

For early photos of these skeletons you can check them out here:

I wonder if they talk like Murray from Monkey Island?

That's all this time. Stay tuned when I should have some 2nd Edition space orks painted up to show you. 

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