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Movie Review: Mimic (1997)

Mimic (1997)

If you have been following these occasional movie reviews you may be noticing a little bit of a trend in that they are all either monster or horror related. This is no mere coincidence as I do love a good scare filled movie with some sort of creature or supernatural force that will pluck its victims one by one until only a scared few remain.

So with that in mind I watched Mimic recently. One of the early Guillermo del Toro films this is one of those films that has great ideas but doesn't quite know which one to go with. It starts off with a plague in New York caused by cockroaches, but this is passed over as it is merely set up for the main story of the Judas Breed which should have died out after wiping out the plague carrying insects but instead inevitably found a way to survive.

There are various subplots which go no where or do very little such as sweatshop workers being quarantined, the main scientist getting bitten, a kid mimicking the sounds of the creatures with spoons and a professor type who is introduced but has no bearing on the plot at all. As an aside this film also has a early film appearance from Josh Brolin, which is really cool.

For all this I was still entertained, the sub way police man Norton is great (Played by the guy who was Dillon in Alien 3, the convicts preacher). While there are two kids who hustle the lead lady bug scientist because they keep finding bugs to sell her who I liked and the actual atmosphere and ideas are good if not pulled off. I felt they could have done a lot more with the actual idea of these things mimicking humans.

Late at night in a subway, what could possibly go wrong?

As for the creatures, cockroaches that have evolved to mimic there prey, namely us. They are pretty cool especially the idea of using there shells to form a human shape and face like a man in a trench coat. (the subway reveal scene is really something). Indeed it gave me ideas for a Necromunda campaign where these things have infested a Delaque territory and you don't know if the sentries you need to avoid are human gangers or a human sized cockroaches.

Overall if you fancy a slightly ridiculous but entertaining film about the perils of genetically modifying nature watch Jurassic Park, but if you have seen that and want something a bit more daft and violent (quite a few characters are dispatched in this film) then Mimic is wortha watch.

3.5 out of 5 pumpkins.

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