Thursday, 9 February 2017

Those with loaded guns and those who dig, You dig.

Yep time to get some miniatures painted up but with the limited light outside and not a whole lot of time I will have to settle for making a start.

Now what my Necromunda does not have is a bounty hunter hireling. A mean son of a gun who can bring these gangers and outlaws to justice. I could buy one of the official minis but frankly they are very expensive on ebay. So in true style I decided to convert up my own and get to painting.

In the underhive or Jabba's palace this guy is going to get his bounty.

This is one of the brat minis that was released for Confrontation. I got this model cheaply from ebay but wasn't really sure what to do with it until I realised my lack of bounty hunters in the underhive. As those seeking payment for capturing criminals on the run it seemed fair that they be dressed differently to the usual gangs.

As bounty hunters in the rules are armed to the teeth it made choosing the weapons quite  a lot of fun. The chainsword arm is from a imperial guard while the lasgun arm is a mix of dark eldar and plastic orlock. I intend to add some wires/tubes to indicate this is a hotshot power pack lasgun. He also has a shotgun from the old additional weapons for Necromunda slung to his back.

For painting I'm not sure yet where I am going with this model, the face is actually a mask so there is opportunity to go wild on this guy.

Hope to have some updates on this guy and some other underhive units in the coming weeks, til next time.

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