Friday, 31 March 2017

Heroquest Mummies: Do not read from the book!

One thing I really do like about Heroquest is the variety of monsters you can find lurking in the dungeons. One of which I am happy they bothered to include at the time was the Mummy! A bandaged shambling corpse from Egyptian legend. The miniature is really good and I like the fact it has no need for weapons and will simply beat or strangle the heroes to death, which it certainly can with the dice it can roll.

The tomb robbers will be punished! 

Here are two of the mummies painted up, I have one more but it still needs some painting. I do like the shambling stance of menace they show.

Who let these sneaky Goblins slink in!

Yep got three goblins done too, the middle one had lost his base so had to glue him to another base and steal some feet from the bits box, which is why he is a little taller than the other two.

Now orcs are here, quick search the taverns for the heroes!

Three Orcs complete and based. Always like that they came with a variety of weaponry from the ball and chain to the meat cleaver! The middle orc was chopped up in the bits box when I found him so had to add some arms and a knife to bring him back up to scratch.

So another Heroquest update for you to enjoy is done.

Until next time.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Summon an Astropath, we need to plot a course:

As I was unable to really get much time for the hobby at the weekend this post is just going to be a "What is on the agenda" for me to get done.

My aim is to paint up all the monsters and heroes for the boardgame Heroquest. This project is going well as the Skeletons are all done, as are the Heroes who you can see here:

By Ollar's Ghost! Get to questing!

The zombies & mummies are up next for the paintbrush while the orcs and goblins only need basing, shouldn't take too long. The Fimir are partiality painted up which leaves the Gargoyle, Chaos Sorcerer, Chaos Warriors. So expect some updates on this throughout the year.

In a previous post I showed a bounty hunter conversion I am working on. I hope to have him painted up soon. Also I am looking at getting an Orlock gang to at least tabletop standard (which would leave only a van Saar gang to go). Hopefully get some Necromunda games in too.

Certainly more greenskins will be painted up in the foreseeable. Been enjoying painting the batch of Goffs might even get some of those 2nd edition gretchin painted up too (probably not all 40 of them though). Got some 2nd edition wierdboys and boarboys that are begging for some paint.

Chaos Warband
Generating and painting up a chaos warband is definitely on my list. A bunch of Pantheon of Chaos miniatures arrived recently and I have already started painting up and rebuilding some daemonic fiends for this. As well as the beginnings of some conversions, like this dark elf below.

Oh my, a tentacle!

Film Reviews
Done some film reviews in the past will probably do some more in the future. Will definitely be leaning to the monsters/aliens and horror films for this. They can be great not just for watching a good film in the evening but also inspiring ideas for gaming.

Keep reading you never know what might show up on here to be blogged about.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Zoggin 'Eck! More Orks!

That's right more Goff Orks to join the one I painted a week or so ago. Including a heavy weapons specialist and the former Slegg Bloodnug model  who is now just a nob with chainsword to lead them, oh yes.

Ere' why we out in da snow, boss?
Yea' boss my squig pie is gettin cold!

Here are the first two lads, the one on the left lost the handle for his axe but he's still ok. The one on the right had some odd stuff happening with his axe arm which is why it is at a tilt.

Ya' feelin cold Rotgub? Go stand next to Wazzik, he'll warm you up.

The original Slegg Bloodnug with chainsword conversion, many the time he charged down a bunch of space marines only to be shot repeatedly, ah memories.

I'm not going near that fing boss, Wazzik will get us all killed!

I 'erd that Rotgub! Dis ere' kannon is for when those oomies show up.

One of the older heavy weapons orks you can get, painted up in Goff style armed with a pistol and a Heavy Plasma Cannon. Really do like this model plenty of character and the heavy plasma gun is nice and bulky. He will certainly help when the Imperium brings out the tanks or worse to trouble the lads. Turn to high power and hope he doesn't fry the lot of them when it malfunctions.

Shut your traps lads, we need to find Gitglum, boss wants his scout report. C'mon!

These four are a right motley crew ready to get up close and personal with the enemy. Had a lot of fun painting up these four even if three of them are just the orks from the 2nd edition box set with some minor changes made. 

Until next time.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tracking down Maalica Iron Hoof the Elusive

It's interesting when you get back into something like miniature painting and playing the occasional game that sometimes information that was available at its prime might not be as easy to find today even with the internet. This is what I found after getting inspired to start forming a chaos warband. Bit of backstory here, I never played Warhammer Fantasy in any form as my friends at the time were into Warhammer 40k. However the fantasy setting and models always looked great to me especially some of the 'Eavy Metal photos in White Dwarf.

Bonus points if you remember this battle report.

Heroquest and Warhammer Quest were my only deviation into this side of the gaming and as such I occasionally picked up a model here and there that I thought might make these games more fun. Most of these "that looks cool" purchases were of the villainous nature. The heroes need more monsters and chaos to slay after all. Which leads to this model.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Where are those Orks, did they get lost in the warp? ...

For a blog that features the name of my ork Warboss there is a distinct lack of orks or anything orky being posted on here. Let's see if I can bring the Waaagh back ...

When I first got into miniature gaming all those years ago my introduction was Heroquest & Space Crusade, this was followed by a trip to a Games Workshop in Hammersmith, the Dalling Road store.  To say 8 year old me was overwhelmed would be an understatement and after looking around I came away with a blister pack of two Giant Black Orcs, these two to be specific.

However while was marvelling at all the miniatures, boxed games and the two big orcs I now had for use in Heroquest (I tried painting one of them at the time but it was a disaster), my dad must have been enquiring about what to was the next big thing and for that Christmas later in the year a copy of 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k arrived!

One box, lots of war!

Now a friend of mine at the time already had a copy and had started on his path to being the Emperor's chosen and had begun to paint the space marines (he'd go on to field Imperial Guard and Dark Angels) which left me with the Orks. Which is good because they seemed a lot more fun than those goody two shoe marines. So I had a bunch of over 20 Goff Orks and 40 Gretchin to paint, only about 10 or so grots got any paint in the end. But soon they were joined by a Dreadnought, a bad moon weirdboy + 2 minderz, a mekanik, a painboy and some Snakebite boarboyz. You may be wondering about a warboss and for quite a while my Ork army was led by one of the Goff Orks who I'd given a chainsword from one of the space marine captains. This was my first conversion and also the first appearance of Slegg Bloodnug.

"We're gonna blast dem ummies with dakka!"

But for now here are three orks I have painted up. First is a standard ork boy who's gone and nicked M. Bisons hat. The second is a Goff ork from the box who I hope will soon be joined by three more including a redone Slegg. The ork on the right is a Painboy ready to fix up the other two or just get stuck in himself.
Your squig or your life!

Closer shot of the Goff ork. Followed a tutorial for painting Goff Orks which was really good. I had to substitute a few paints and things along they way but I like how it turned out.

Until next time, when I hope to have more orks painted up :)