Monday, 20 March 2017

Summon an Astropath, we need to plot a course:

As I was unable to really get much time for the hobby at the weekend this post is just going to be a "What is on the agenda" for me to get done.

My aim is to paint up all the monsters and heroes for the boardgame Heroquest. This project is going well as the Skeletons are all done, as are the Heroes who you can see here:

By Ollar's Ghost! Get to questing!

The zombies & mummies are up next for the paintbrush while the orcs and goblins only need basing, shouldn't take too long. The Fimir are partiality painted up which leaves the Gargoyle, Chaos Sorcerer, Chaos Warriors. So expect some updates on this throughout the year.

In a previous post I showed a bounty hunter conversion I am working on. I hope to have him painted up soon. Also I am looking at getting an Orlock gang to at least tabletop standard (which would leave only a van Saar gang to go). Hopefully get some Necromunda games in too.

Certainly more greenskins will be painted up in the foreseeable. Been enjoying painting the batch of Goffs might even get some of those 2nd edition gretchin painted up too (probably not all 40 of them though). Got some 2nd edition wierdboys and boarboys that are begging for some paint.

Chaos Warband
Generating and painting up a chaos warband is definitely on my list. A bunch of Pantheon of Chaos miniatures arrived recently and I have already started painting up and rebuilding some daemonic fiends for this. As well as the beginnings of some conversions, like this dark elf below.

Oh my, a tentacle!

Film Reviews
Done some film reviews in the past will probably do some more in the future. Will definitely be leaning to the monsters/aliens and horror films for this. They can be great not just for watching a good film in the evening but also inspiring ideas for gaming.

Keep reading you never know what might show up on here to be blogged about.

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