Friday, 10 March 2017

Tracking down Maalica Iron Hoof the Elusive

It's interesting when you get back into something like miniature painting and playing the occasional game that sometimes information that was available at its prime might not be as easy to find today even with the internet. This is what I found after getting inspired to start forming a chaos warband. Bit of backstory here, I never played Warhammer Fantasy in any form as my friends at the time were into Warhammer 40k. However the fantasy setting and models always looked great to me especially some of the 'Eavy Metal photos in White Dwarf.

Bonus points if you remember this battle report.

Heroquest and Warhammer Quest were my only deviation into this side of the gaming and as such I occasionally picked up a model here and there that I thought might make these games more fun. Most of these "that looks cool" purchases were of the villainous nature. The heroes need more monsters and chaos to slay after all. Which leads to this model.

Maalica Iron Hoof

I didn't actually intentionally buy this Chaos Sorcerer at the time. Maalica came with the chaos champion of Slaanesh that had been crossbred with a fly that I did want. Nothing like a sword wielding fly-man to terrorise the barbarian & his friends somewhere underground. But now I'm thinking of bringing to bear a chaos warband, having a sorcerer to fling spells around would be really useful. Plus I like this hooded mage who's only hint of chaos is that mechanical hoofed leg.

However on doing some research for how others have painted the model I drew a bit of a blank. Not a lot of good non-converted examples are available. Only after serious digging did I finally find a decent photograph of the model. Painted by R.Kernick, who on further research got 3rd place in the scratch built vehicle category Golden Demon 1988. So here is Maalica painted up.

This is pretty cool and a good starting point, I myself probably won't be going for green myself as I'm leaning to Slaanesh or Tzeentch for my warband. Hopefully next time I should have some Pantheon of Chaos models I pledged for which will be great for this chaos warband I'm working on, next time I may even go into detail of what I rolled for it.

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