Thursday, 2 March 2017

Where are those Orks, did they get lost in the warp? ...

For a blog that features the name of my ork Warboss there is a distinct lack of orks or anything orky being posted on here. Let's see if I can bring the Waaagh back ...

When I first got into miniature gaming all those years ago my introduction was Heroquest & Space Crusade, this was followed by a trip to a Games Workshop in Hammersmith, the Dalling Road store.  To say 8 year old me was overwhelmed would be an understatement and after looking around I came away with a blister pack of two Giant Black Orcs, these two to be specific.

However while was marvelling at all the miniatures, boxed games and the two big orcs I now had for use in Heroquest (I tried painting one of them at the time but it was a disaster), my dad must have been enquiring about what to was the next big thing and for that Christmas later in the year a copy of 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k arrived!

One box, lots of war!

Now a friend of mine at the time already had a copy and had started on his path to being the Emperor's chosen and had begun to paint the space marines (he'd go on to field Imperial Guard and Dark Angels) which left me with the Orks. Which is good because they seemed a lot more fun than those goody two shoe marines. So I had a bunch of over 20 Goff Orks and 40 Gretchin to paint, only about 10 or so grots got any paint in the end. But soon they were joined by a Dreadnought, a bad moon weirdboy + 2 minderz, a mekanik, a painboy and some Snakebite boarboyz. You may be wondering about a warboss and for quite a while my Ork army was led by one of the Goff Orks who I'd given a chainsword from one of the space marine captains. This was my first conversion and also the first appearance of Slegg Bloodnug.

"We're gonna blast dem ummies with dakka!"

But for now here are three orks I have painted up. First is a standard ork boy who's gone and nicked M. Bisons hat. The second is a Goff ork from the box who I hope will soon be joined by three more including a redone Slegg. The ork on the right is a Painboy ready to fix up the other two or just get stuck in himself.
Your squig or your life!

Closer shot of the Goff ork. Followed a tutorial for painting Goff Orks which was really good. I had to substitute a few paints and things along they way but I like how it turned out.

Until next time, when I hope to have more orks painted up :)

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