Monday, 13 March 2017

Zoggin 'Eck! More Orks!

That's right more Goff Orks to join the one I painted a week or so ago. Including a heavy weapons specialist and the former Slegg Bloodnug model  who is now just a nob with chainsword to lead them, oh yes.

Ere' why we out in da snow, boss?
Yea' boss my squig pie is gettin cold!

Here are the first two lads, the one on the left lost the handle for his axe but he's still ok. The one on the right had some odd stuff happening with his axe arm which is why it is at a tilt.

Ya' feelin cold Rotgub? Go stand next to Wazzik, he'll warm you up.

The original Slegg Bloodnug with chainsword conversion, many the time he charged down a bunch of space marines only to be shot repeatedly, ah memories.

I'm not going near that fing boss, Wazzik will get us all killed!

I 'erd that Rotgub! Dis ere' kannon is for when those oomies show up.

One of the older heavy weapons orks you can get, painted up in Goff style armed with a pistol and a Heavy Plasma Cannon. Really do like this model plenty of character and the heavy plasma gun is nice and bulky. He will certainly help when the Imperium brings out the tanks or worse to trouble the lads. Turn to high power and hope he doesn't fry the lot of them when it malfunctions.

Shut your traps lads, we need to find Gitglum, boss wants his scout report. C'mon!

These four are a right motley crew ready to get up close and personal with the enemy. Had a lot of fun painting up these four even if three of them are just the orks from the 2nd edition box set with some minor changes made. 

Until next time.

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