Thursday, 27 April 2017

From the Outlands a Chaos Warband begins to emerge

Last time I mentioned building a chaos warband for the first time. This was partly inspired by reading oldhammer posts and also because some friends have shown interest in doing something with Warhammer Fantasy notable the 3rd edition rules. Thus I shall form a warband and if further down the line a gaming session happens I'll be ready. Plus painting up some mutated monstrosities will be fun :)

To war my goat headed minions!

I want to use certain miniatures I have and will be leaning to Slaanesh for the theme of my warband, This means that I will definitely want to use 3 fiends of slaanesh I have so these will be a gift for my main champion. Speaking of whom he is definitely going to be the Maalica model which means no rolling for him apart from generating his 2nd attribute but ignoring any roll that requires conversions, let's see if the dice god is kind?:

821 (checks Siamese twin) discard
207 (checks Blood substitution, roll on table 4, protoplasm) accept.

I'll have to source an ooze model or make one for when he dies, that should be a fun little project.

Slaanesh Warband

Maalica Iron Hoof: Human Lvl 10 wizard, light armour, hand weapon, Slaanesh, cloven feet & blood substitution (protoplasm).
Gift: 3 Fiends of Slaanesh

So that's the head honcho set in stone to start my band of crazy chaos fanatics, now let's roll for the other champion:

Race: D100 = 31 - Dark Elf
Level: D100 = 54 - Lvl 10 Hero
Attribute 1: D1000 = 913 - Tentacles
Tentacle table: D6 = 1 - So one arm is a tentacle.
Attribute 2: D1000 = 257 - Chaos-Were
Instant Spawn Table to define were creature: D6 = 4, D10 = 1 - Human
Chaos were attributes: D6 = 4
Were-Attribute 1: D1000 = 518 - Irrational Fear
Fears: D6 = 1, only one
Lvl of fear: D6 = 2, normal
What does it fear?: D100 = 95 - Loud Noises
Were-Attribute 2: D1000 = 759 - Rapid Regeneration
Were-Attribute 3: D1000 = 302 - Crossbreed
Column Roll: D6 = 5 - Column 5
Result Roll: D12 = 7 - Giant Spider
Were-Attribute 4: D1000 = 847 - Spits Acid

Dark Elf Hero Lvl 10 - Sword, Shield, Slaanesh, tentacle for his right arm, chaos-were into an acid spitting Human/Spider crossbreed with an irrational fear of loud noises that has rapid regeneration.

The Retinue:
D6 rolls for both champions gave me 4 rolls on the retinue chart.

Retinue Roll 1: D100 = 88 - Skaven
Attribute Roll: D6-4 = 1 - None
Amount: 2D4 = 7
Retinue Roll 2: D100 = 73 - Human runaways
Bow availability?: D6 = 5 - Yes
Amount: 2D6 = 3
Retinue Roll 3: D100 = 80 - Ogres
Amount: 1D4 = 2
Retinue Roll 4: D100 = 13 - Beastmen
Bow or Spear availability? D6 = 1 - No
Amount: D6 = 5

So the results of that are.

7 Skaven - light armour, shield & hand weapon - Own these so that's handy

3 Human Runaways - Bows - Need to acquire these guys.

2 Ogres - Hand Weapons -Own a couple of Ogres so that's useful

5 Beastmen - light armour, shield & hand weapon - Need to acquire another three of these guys.

So there we go the initial building blocks for a chaos warband, let's see if I can get this together by the end of 2017 :)

Until next time.

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