Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Need to shepherd me some Gretchin and Snotlings, Ork style!

Yep another Ork based post,hope you are enjoying them as much as I am painting these greenskins. Not really tried my hand at Snakebite style colour scheme before but gave it a good old go. Here is the classic Snakebite Runtherd a great looking model.

"Seen any Grots sneakin about?"

"Dey went this way? Stupid grots always gettin lost in the snow!"

Banner is straight from the internet and printed on paper, was a bit long but the curl adds some flavour to his look, (and I've just noticed it is upside down!!)  Anyway as well as this Runtherd with the banner I have some other orks in the pipeline.

More Goff Orks in various states of painting progress

Two ork boyz, one with a plasma gun and one of those runaway grots :)

So there you have it orky goodness 2nd edition style in progress. 

Until next time.

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