Monday, 22 May 2017

Those dungeon heroes should really be careful ...

... you never know what might show up in the catacombs beneath the old world.

Yep over the weekend I have completed painting and basing a whole host of Heroquest miniatures ready to ambush an unwary hero or two.

Ow my ankles, damned crafty goblins sneaking about!

Two Battle Master goblins, not a fan of these minis as they are a bit lacking in detail so difficult to paint up properly. Still nice to have some variation in the goblin ranks.

Orcs with big swords, flails and an angry temperament!

An orc with a cleaver, meats on the menu boys!

With these six orcs complete, all of the orcs have now been painted up. I did enjoy painting these greenskins, the blue tunic one was a bit of a throwback as that was the original colour scheme I gave him. All I did was tidy him up a lot and base him, I'll use him as an orc with a big sword in a quest as he stands out from the rest.

They found some shambling rags, must be the work of a shaman!

Two more goblins here which completes the set of diminutive greenskins. Plus the final mummy, you can see some red areas which are a younger me giving it blood marks, tidy up and complete once again.

Something new, or is that very old and rotten? :)

The shambling horde approaches, finally got around to painting up the zombies for Heroquest one of which was missing a head. This meant searching the bits box for something else. Finally found a zombie head from the warhammer range and after a bit of filing down got it in place. I think it looks good and adds some variation to the trio. I have always liked these zombie minis they have the right amount of ghoulishness for the heroes to overcome.

That's it for this post, the fimir will be up next. Those cyclopean monsters are going to be great to paint.

Until next time :) 

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