Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Nearly a month, don't get lost in Turkish Tombs

Yes it's been a little while since the last post, mainly due to a trip to Turkey for some needed R&R. Wonderful place with great weather, good food and wonderful scenery. As a tenuous link to oldhammer here are the Necropolis of Kaunos which may inspire some undead scenery makers, hewn into a cliff face by ancient peoples.

If that doesn't take your fancy then here is the only thing I can offer until I paint up some more heroquest or ork goodness.

A Necromunda Scummer armed with hand flamer. He's a conversion using a cadian imperial guard head as for some mad reason I decapitated the original model.

Painting of yellow was inspired a little bit by the gyro-captain in Mad Max 2 and 3, overall he came out all right, still need to base him at some point too.

Until next time.

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