Thursday, 29 June 2017

Necromunda Underhive: Ganger and Gang Name Generator

Necromunda and it's newest sibling Shadow Wars: Armageddon are great games if you want to get close and personnel with those that live in the underhives of the 40k universe.

From Bounty Hunters searching for criminal drug dealers to Heretical Redemptionists burning everything in sight in the emperors name it is a fantastic world to get lost in. Mind you it helps if you can give names to your would be bunch of infamous hoodlums.

"Well Hi Mr ....? angry autogun dude!

I know from experience this can be a difficult thing to do, some gamers aren't that interested while others create gang names from popular culture in the vein of naming a bunch of Worms in that humorous PC game :)

So for every well crafted band of unique outlaws there is always the other side. Examples I have come across include an early hastily created gang based off Mortal Kombat; The Mortal Kombat Krew led by Major Jax with his heavy Goro and juve Mocap didn't really capture the spirit of the game. Meanwhile there was the M Team where every member had a name beginning with M, so Captain Marcus, Marth, Mitch, Mike, Milton, Mabel which comes across as kind of funny yet also dull etc ...

With this in mind I decided to create a gang name generator that can be used to bring a bit of originality and uniqueness to any gang that is made. I have included the Gangs Name and both Male and Female sections. Which you can see below:

There is a gang sheet on the 2nd worksheet and some basic weapons and other info on the third worksheet too.

Hopefully this is of use to some people in making your underhive encounters more enjoyable or just sound really cool when led by Major Grigori Portliver :)

If you need an actual link for the spreadsheet:

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  1. 04/09/2018: Updated the Generator with a lot more components for names and gang names.