Thursday, 31 August 2017

Old Ruins complete and occupied by Goffs.

A while ago you may have read about some old ruins I was making, well they did get finished so I thought I should give them an appearance here.

The devastated building will go nicely with skull tower.

This terrain will be nice as a centrepiece or a lookout area, the inclusion of a ruined doorway and wall will add some cover for minis approaching from any of the four sides as well. I also learned that using a wash on foamboard causes a lot of curving which I had to straighten out and then rebuild/reglue the whole thing.

"Dis ruin is ourz now boss!"

Also got another Goff Ork completed as you can see him here standing in the upper section of the ruins.

Wat dis Elvis? Der only legend we need is Ghazghkull!

As you can see this guy suffered from enthusiastic hacking back in the day as he has lost two horns from his helmet and some very old polystyrene cement gel glue on his axe. Instead of trying to fix this I instead painted him up anyway. Call it battle damage and made the overload of glue some gore clogged on his axe.

Humie or Panzie it don't matta, gonna smash 'em! 

All in all I am happy with how he and the terrain have turned out.

Until next time.

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