Wednesday, 13 September 2017

... you never know what lurks around the corner!

From the swamps and bogs they came, shrouded in mist ready to haul away unsuspecting townsfolk and their pets!

Quick find the Hobbits! ... What do you mean wrong franchise?

Except for the ones who got bored of bogs with muddy water and decided to get chummy with Orcs and Goblins in a dungeon full of nice furniture and  the occasional fireplace.

Only the Fimir can traverse flock swamps!

Fimir! Club tailed reptilian humanoids with a sole red eye and a hefty looking axe. A very unique monster that created more questions than actual concern in the game being only marginally more dangerous than an orc. Questions like:
  • If they live in swamps and bogs why are they wandering around a dungeon or fort? 
  • What is there alliance with Orcs and Goblins in the quests all about?
  • Why were they never seen again? 
Actually that last question is answered in the warhammer fantasy background of them taking female humans as slaves, then forcibly mating with to keep the race going (which isn't a great plan for family friendly marketing). That and they were never that popular and had some odd scale issues with some being ogre sized?!

Anyway the oddball cyclopian crocodile warriors are in Heroquest and did need painting up so here they are:
Traffic Light Fimir are always a concern in busy dungeons!

Yes in an attempt to do something different with them I decided to paint them up in a variety of colours. I think they came out quite well, there isn't a great amount of detail on the models and didn't find painting them that much fun but I like how they ended up. 

Fimir ready to attack some heroes.

A couple have to had to have axes swapped or added in due to the fickle knives of time removing parts for other forgotten projects. I'll probably do some highlights on them later but I want to get on to the remaining models first.

A Float of Fimr (A collective noun idea?)

With the Fimir done it's on to the Chaos warriors, a much more enjoyable project.

Until Next Time

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