Thursday, 2 November 2017

Scenario Battle idea 40k

In a lot of ways I don't actually game with my miniatures very much any more. Sure a round of Necromunda gets organised occasionally but that's about it. It's more a painting hobby for me as I haven't actually played a solid game of Warhammer 40k in a long time. While digging through some minis for a particular project I stumbled across a 2nd edition Eldar Fire Dragon.
Nothing too remarkable about the meltagun aspect warriors but they did spark a memory of some scenarios and ideas I had back then that might be worth sharing. The main scenario it reminded me of was something I shall call Defence of The Sacred Waterway.

This scenario was made for a couple of reasons. The first was as a child I had limited room to actually game and my main table was in fact an old office desk which was quite long but not terribly wide. Fine for a Necromunda skirmish but for a 40k 2000 point battle it didn't work. So I came up with an alternative. A 400 point army limit, attackers were given the Dawn Raid mission. While the defenders got a random choice of Assassins, Witch hunt, Engage and Destroy or Take and Hold. The second reason is the main decision for the name.

The Enchanted Island: Lego Set

This Lego set was (once the pirates, islanders and boats were removed) great scenery, with some slight adjustments to fit 40k model bases instead of lego minifigs. A ready made alcove with a water way. This water way could then be lengthened by joining the two and making a board length river using whatever method of creating a river you had to hand. (blue paper works well and is easy to source.) It also conveniently fit the width of the desk.

This starting point led to the formation of the mission: an invading force attacking the sacred waterways of an Eldar maiden world. Originally I used Tyranids attacking the Eldar but most armies could be switched in to attack or defend for various imaginative reasons.

A map of the landscape for this scenario.

As you can see the river runs the length of the map with only a bridge for crossing. The rules for the river is that it is fast flowing so it is counted as difficult terrain to cross. The yellow area is a beach, the smiley face grey square is the statue, the round brown and green circles are trees and the grey tetris shaped sections are ruined walls. The areas with light yellow spots are for the defending player to set up 4 pieces of cover (barbed wire, fences, sandbags etc ...)

Map with Deployment Areas

The attackers have the normal deployment area, while the defenders get the same area plus can put a unit on the island if they wish. As the battle was limited to 400pts in 2nd edition the Tyranids were allowed to use a Tyranid Warrior as the leader with a couple of biomorphs (As a Hive Tyrant would leave little room for anything else).

This scenario set the scene for many spectacular and close battles, where you had hormugaunts desperately trying to leap the river, the Eldar gunline hoping to keep the bugs at bay while a bold assault by the defenders specialists the Fire Dragons and an Exarch attempt to punch through the hive mind Warriors which will scatter the rest of the swarm.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane of scenarios designed and played many moons ago.

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