Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Goff Orks on the move!

Been a while since our last meeting explorer ... but as the wintry nights begin to get lighter I have been painting up more of my 2nd Edition Orks. You may even have seen an early progress image in a previous post. All of these orks have had some form of  historical yet innocent damage in there lifetime. Normally this could be an issue but these monopose Goffs are in need of a little bit of character. Alas due to it being a bit grim outside I am without decent natural light so these images may not be the best. (Note to self to update with better photos).

"It's still cold up ere!"

This here is Hobstob, he lost his normal bolt pistol arm (it's probably in my bits box) so it was replaced with a normal ork arm and bolt pistol from the old sprue you used to be able to get.

"Yeah Hobstob and no sign of the grots!"

Followed by Gogzods who is missing a spike from his helmet and a horn has broken off, he isn't fond of the others mentioning this, but claims it proves he is the best at getting stuck in.

"Lobbin a grenade, dat get dem gits to show up!"

Fuzzgud has a grenade ready, let's hope he remembers to throw it. This guy came about because his axe twisted off due to a chair leg mishap, fortunately what was left looked cool so I left it and attached the rest of his axe to his back (Probably going to give it a dab of Catachan Green.)

"Zoggin eck! My ears! Who dat over there?!!"

Finally there is Kroghak who is also missing a part of a horn but is less concerned. These Goffs have all been painted in the same manner as before with some slight alterations on the red black for a bit of variety so they don't look like a bunch of clones.

"Dis is Deathskull territory, wat u Goffs up to?"

Nazdakka is a Deathskull Loota of which I own five. They can lay down a withering payload of bullets, or just blow up and leave a green mess. Either way I like that this model has sunglasses gives him a bit of cool style. Still it won't help his with his shooting.

That's it for this post. Expect another short post before the month is over which will take a look at an Orc instead of an Ork, plus one of the metal 2nd edition Orks.

Until next time.

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