Friday, 27 April 2018

Dark clouds loom, Maalica Iron Hoof!

What is this? A painting post that has nothing to do with orks! Yep this is an update on some chaos for warhammer fantasy featuring a chaos sorcerer.

Hmm, need to cast some fire magic it's a bit cold!

This is one of the original chaos sorcerer miniatures which I have covered before known as Maalica Iron Hoof. I went for a subtle colour scheme although I may give the wand/artifact a bit more highlighting in color later. 

Glad I bought this cloak with fur trim for warmth.

Method I used was a white undercoat and then started with a Nauseous Blue for the cloak and hood. The fur trim started with a Rhinox hide and after a black wash then highlighted after with Mournfang Brown.

Note to self, snow and scrolls don't mix.

The scroll is a mix of white and tiny bit of brown slowly layered with a little bit of bubonic brown to suggest writing. The robes were also highlighted with some lighter nauseous blue mix with white.

Mechanical horse legs are all the rage these days!

The wand/totem reminds me of The Adventure of Mark Twain animations representation of Satan (a very odd and disturbing scene in the film). When for a pinkish color but it has some green to suggest its age. The leg is leadbelcher, more black wash and boltgun metal drybrush.

I think I heard ork shouting, time to get off this ice encrusted mountain!

All in all a really great model I rarely see painted and a worthy start for my little chaos warband I am working on. 

Until next time.

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