Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Stay active, post an update! ... Dark Souls, Sonar and an Ork

Ah yes the blog I knew there was something I needed to do. Indeed creating some interesting posts has been left to one side for a bit due to my focus being taken off mini painting.

Wher' you bin? Da dust mites are gettin ooge!!

However although painting has not been on the agenda actual gaming has taken place. Yes games of the board game Dark Souls where everyone died took place.

My Knight, getting completely wrecked by an angry demon!

Also Captain Sonar a fun game of underwater submarine warfare with lots of commotion, near misses and radio operator failure!

The calm before various bad Russian Sean Connery impersonations.

The only bit of painting I have got done is one Ork boy who isn't quite finsihed yet, however just because I'd like to put up something here is that Ork.

Hair squig implants always rock!

I'll be adding him to a general ork mob when he is complete. On the horizon I have the final Gargoyle and Chaos Sorcerer for Heroquest to paint up and some other models who keep staring at me intently or hoepfully.

Until next time :)

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