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On the Industrial world of Clarlorn, three independant kill teams investigate reports of an alien disturbance!

What is this 8th Edition 40k Kill Team doing on an oldhammer blog? Well just because the models I paint are oldhammer doesn't mean they can't be used in more modern games. As it came to be on a Bank Holiday afternoon where four squads would do battle.

Yes that is a kill team mat combined with space crusade boards!

All the models expect the Eldar guardians & the Lictor are painted by me (the nurgle space marines are very old so the painting quality isn't great but fine for the tabletop)

Original plan was a five turn game, due to time constraints, rule research and setup it instead ended on turn three.

Enough with the filler, let's introduce the teams:

Tyranids - Hive Charon

Tyranid Warrior - Boneswords, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Glads and Flesh Hooks.
Lictor - Scout
Tyranid Warrior Gunner - Venom Cannon, Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Gland, Scything Talons and Flesh Hooks.
Hormagaunt x 4

Nurgle - Death Guard of Bubonis

Bubonis Plauge Champion - Plaguesword, Plasma Pistol Bligt & Krak Grenades.
Plague Marine Fighter - Boltgun, Plague Knife, Blight & Krak Grenades, Veteran.
Plague Marine Fighter - Boltgun, Plague Knife, Blight & Krak Grenades, Zealot
Plague Marine Gunner - Meltagun, Plague Knife, Blight & Krak Grenades, Demolitions
Plague Marine - Boltgun, Plague Knife, Blight & Krak Grenades
Poxwalkers x7

Eldar - The Path of Isenrion

Isenrion Dire Avenger Exarch - Shuriken Pistol, Plasma Grenades & Diresword
Dire Avenger - Avenger Shuriken Catapult, Plasma Grenades, Veteran.
Guardian Defender - Shuriken Catapult, Plasma Grenade, Medic.
Ranger - Ranger Long Rifle, Shuriken Pistol, Sniper
Guardian Defenders x 5
Heavy Weapons Platform - Aeldari Missile Launcher
Ranger - Ranger Long Rifle, Shuriken Pistol

Orks - Waaagh! Lurnez ub Deffgit

Deffgit Boss Nob - Power Klaw, Slugga, Stikkbombs
Kommando Boss Nob - Choppa, Slugga, Scout
Loota - Deffgun, Stikkbombs, Heavy
Loota Spanner - Kustom Mega-Blasta, Stikkbombs, Comms
Gretchin x 3
Kommando x 2
Ork Boy x 3
Ork Boy Gunner - Big Shoota

With the Kill Teams chosen and corners for deployment set the battle could commence.

An overview of the ruins, deployment from left to right, top to bottom Nurgle, Tyranid, Orks & Eldar

Bubonis marched forward to attack the orks, sending some poxwalkers and few deathguard to intercept any roaming tyranids. He needed to be quick this planet's out of control weather system was going to cover the area in thick fog very soon which would make engaging the enemy impossible.

The Eldar held there position to fire as many shots at the approaching bugs, while the Ork Boss got his lads and some grots to head toward the Deathguard whilst coming up with his own cunning plan.

Early moves are made in turn one.

The tyranids decided to go after the eldar and advanced as quickly as possible, but with limited cover there movement was slow. Only the warrior with the venom cannon held back to hopefully get a nice shot off.

The Eldar medic watches the Tyranid threat approach.

Shooting was negligible on the first turn with only the odd flesh wound here and there. A cheer did go up from the orks at the firework display the eldar missile launcher provided. The only shot of note was the sniper ranger managing to take a wound off the Tyranid Warrior with the venom cannon but no serious casualties on any side.

Skull tower home to bats, insects and three stealthy ork kommandos

The second turn started with the Tyranids once again going last, The Eldar fortified there position, moving the Missile Launcher to a better position. The chaos legion of nurgle got down to business as two poxwalkers charged the Hormagaunts and Tyranid Warrior Leader, while Bubonis and his Zealous bodyguard charged into the grots and ork boys with some more poxwalkers.

Eldar attempt to hold the line.

The remaining nurgle deathguard climbed up a tower hoping to flush out the bugs with boltshells and meltaguns. The Ork Boss and his kommandos and the ork with the big shoota headed under Skull Tower towards the eldar while the Loota and Spanna tried to get there guns to work properly.

Nom nom nom!

The Tyranids had finally something to do as lunch appeared, one hormagaunt did a 180 and charged into a poxwalker the other charged into a slightly too close Eldar Ranger. The Genestealer managed to climb a ladder and charge the meltagun plague marine, avoiding an overwatch shot in the process. The Lictor headed towards the Eldar gunline, hoping to be out of sight while the remaining hormagaunt managed to charge a guardian under the buildings.

Those sickle clawed bugs are getting awfully close guys!!

The shooting this time was much more successful, The eldar started by blasting a poxwalker apart that had strayed into the open, and then using the missile launcher managed to target the Tyranid Warrior leader who was fighting poxwalkers reducing it to one wound (Damnit!) Nurgle's firing was brief and inaccurate due to so many in combat, so the Orks thought they should show how it's done. a bunch of slugga fire was enthusiastic but ineffectual as was the Mega Blasta. The Deff Gun Loota was advised by the spanna of a medic guardian in the ruins. Taking careful aim the ork fired and hundreds of shells impacted on the unfortunate medic killing him outright. The venom cannon of the tyranids also hit a guardian but it only caused a flesh wound.

Vague reports of orks brawling with nurgle forces over vending machine rights!

Fighting time and high carnage was expected, Nurgle's chosen started brightly with Bubonis eviscerating a grot and his underling killing another. The poxwalkers on the other-side of the ruins failed to even hit the tyranids they had charged. The Eldar waited expecting the worse as the Tyranids had got into combat range. The results were disappointing, neither hormagaunt hit there eldar opponents, the genestealer failed to get past the deathguards toughness, and the other charging hormagaunt only managed to fleshwound the poxwalker.

In response the assaulted struck back. The ranger, hormagaunts, tyranid warrior and grots remained a stalemate. The plaguemarine failed to even hit the genestealer, but an Ork Boy did manage to dispatch a poxwalker. In the most surprising state of affairs the eldar guardian managed to punch the hormagaunt in the face giving it a fleshwound.

With the fighting over nerve tests were needed and everyone passed except for the Hormagaunt who had been punched silly and with no synapse creatures nearby it became shaken and curled up into a fetal position.

Turn 3 began with Orks chanting ere we go! The big guns of the orks re-positioned hoping to shoot something, whilst the rest charged the eldar. Only the boss himself managed to get into combat with the other ranger the rest taking cover, the big shoota stayed back hoping to fire some dakka!

C'mon Boss git out ov da way so I can shoot dem panzies!

The eldar seeing this new threat fell back away from both deadly bio weapons and ork attitude. The exarch decided to charge the Ork Boss hoping to disrupt the Ork advance. Meanwhile the Tyranids were mostly in combat, The Venom Cannon Warrior moved forward looking for a target while the Lictor finally charged into combat with 2 guardians and the Dire Avenger.

How the hell did that sneak up here? (It's behind you! 'Panto crowd')

Nurgle's champion carried on his fight with orks and grots while the poxwalkers not fighting moved through the ruins, the ork big guns were watching. The meltagun plague marine had enough of the genestealer and retreated leaving it exposed in the open to two boltgun wielding deathguard. With close quarter fighting in every corner shooting was short but deadly. The ork big guns blasted a poxwalker but it just got back up.

Ere do you fink anybody gonna be dumb enough to walk past us? (... answer was yes).

The eldar tried to shoot a kommando but missed, as did the Venom Cannon handlers attempt to blow up the gun platform. The big shoota Ork was much more impressive blasting apart the only guardian left who had been prepping the missile launcher, the deadly gun falling silent. Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield the Plaguemarine boltguns tore apart the genestealer who's corpse fell off the side of the building into the melee below.
Time was running out as hand to hand combat began, the Ork boys chopped up another poxwalker but the Plague marine leader evened the score killing one of the ork boys, his zealous lieutenant was convinced he had stabbed the last grot several times in the face, but the plucky gretching shrugged it off taking two flesh wounds instead.

Boss Deffgit gets stuck in to the eldar as his Kommandos take bets on the winner.

The towering and monstrous lictor failed to do any damage to the Dire Avenger it's armour keeping the warrior alive, but it had tied up the shooting of three units at least. The aspect warrior & two guardians in response could not do anything either. The Ork Boss ignored the ranger and attempted to kill the Exarch his power claw smashing down but the runic armour kept the fast moving eldar alive. In response the Exarch managed to give the ork boss a flesh wound with it's dire sword.

All that remained was an unpleasant smelling sushi ...

The other eldar and tyranids in hand to hand combat kept fighting but with no casualties. Over by the industrial silo the genestealers corpse was trampled over as the Tyranid Warriors boneswords effortlessly decapitated another poxwalker while nearby one of the hormagaunts in a final act of the game killed it's poxwalker foe as well.

The thick fog descended, the kill teams regrouped ready for next time.

End result losses:
Orks: 2 Grots & 1 Ork boy = 12 Points
Eldar: 2 guardians (Inc Medic) = 14 Points
Chaos: 5 Poxwalkers = 15 Points
Tyranids: 1 Genestealer = 11 Points

Result: Marginal Tyranid Win.

Overall a fun afternoon of battle, shooting and mayhem. Would definitely play again although we may have used a bit too much scenery.

Until next time :)

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